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Can I copy a portion of a DVD and add it to Moodle for an online course?

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2016  |  72 Views
Topics: Copyright

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Unfortunately you cannot make a digital copy of a DVD if it is a commercial product that has been protected by copying protection technology. Here’s the info from the SmartCopying website:


C. Making a digital copy of a film from a DVD

Teachers are generally not permitted to make a digital copy of a DVD. This is because most commercial DVDs (eg, 'The Castle') are protected by access control technological protection measures (ATPMs).
ATPMs are technologies which prevent a user from easily accessing and copying the content on a DVD. The most common ATPM technology is a type of software system called CSS (Content Scrambling System). CSS operates like a 'lock and key' code on DVD. In order for a viewer to watch the DVD, the DVD player must be equipped with the corresponding ‘software key’ to unlock the content and allow it to be viewed.
It is illegal to circumvent an ATPM under the Copyright Act. Making a digital copy of a commercial DVD is likely to involve circumventing the ATPM and therefore is illegal.
For further information on Technological Protection Measures, see information sheet ‘Technological Protection Measures and the Copyright Amendment Act’ on the Smartcopying website.

This information is from the document called ‘Using digital repositories : Copyright compliance manual for TAFE’ (page 27).
There are different rules for digital film or video on a website - that isn't protected by copying protection technology – where teachers are able to copy a small section of digital film from a website to a Moodle for specific students and staff under s 200AB of the Copyright Act

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